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This is from the blurb on Amazon:

“This adventure begins in the Arctic and reaches its finale in a French three-star Michelin restaurant. En route, the unlikely pair... a disillusioned physician and an Inuit hunter... travel across Europe pursuing an evil tycoon who is intent on upending the world’s oil supply. The book begs to be turned into a streaming movie, but that is something others can decide. The protagonist, Sam Moroz, is a doctor who has invested in Kian Oil, which is exploring in the Arctic, and has found an elephant field. The villain of the story is Mr. Kian, a grown-up version of Dickens’ Joe the Fat Boy, who tries to kill Moroz by having him thrown out of an airplane over an ice field. Moroz is saved by Pauloosie, an Inuit hunter. The two set off on a journey to expose Mr. Kian’s plot to control the world’s oil supply.”

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From a post on LinkedIn.

Wow, my best mystery novel ever. The 32 Colin Forbes and the handful of Dan Brown's mystery novels I read over the past 40 years did not manage to have me in tears multiple times over. This is a truly powerful read. The line which instantly embedded itself into myself... "It somehow violated his notion of the world." By Meir Kryger. Thank you Dr. K for giving me a most amazing and intelligent journey through your mind...


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