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Mystery of Sleep

Class of 2018

Suman Baddam and I just finished teaching the 2018 course at Yale called “Mystery of Sleep”. The students had to do a project that they presented at the last class that expressed from their perspective of the science they had learned. The results were astonishing! Some of the projects were videos, games, posters, poetry, visual art, poetry and yes, you read this correctly magic tricks. Here are some examples of the projects. (The students gave permission to use their names).

Harold Ekeh, Vimbai Ushe, and Naiya Speight-Leggett wrote, produced and presented a movie that contains comedy, dance, drama and sleep science called Sleep Deprivation at Yale '69.

Resla Wesonga showed beautiful examples that depict the many styles of  Sleep in Contemporary African Art

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Jay Majumdar created a website to help people fall asleep by meditating Click on the image above to see it.

Capto_Capture 2018-12-14_09-54-34_AM.png

Chase Leisenring produced and directed a video to help incoming Yale students deal with sleep

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Rebecca Yan and Alex Zafran interviewed Yale students about their sleep habits.

Sam Fereidooni - The Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Staging

Sam Fereidooni - The Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Staging

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Sam Fereidooni's project was about using AI to stage sleep


Monica Groth composed and read a poem that was a mashup of quotes about sleep from famous historical figures

Vera Villanueva Poster.jpg

Vera Villanueva created a sleep hygiene poster to be distributed around the Yale campus, Click on the PDF symbol to download it. 

Alexander Posner told us about David Blaine's failure to overcome sleep deprivation and then did some sleep themed magic tricks.


Karina Franke presented a business case for better sleep. Notice the shredded currency in the case.


Andrea Fleming created a board game called NAPS. Click on the PDF symbol to download instructions. The students played this after the final exams.

Mystery collage.png

Nadira Abdilahi, documented by a  collage of photos what yale students did before going to sleep. This is a collage of the collages.

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