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Mystery of Sleep Class of 2017

CSMC 370

Suman Baddam and I just finished teaching a course at Yale called “Mystery of Sleep”. The students had to do a project that they presented at the last class that expressed from their perspective some of the science they had learned. The results were jaw dropping! Some of the projects were videos, scripts, bound commonplace books, audios of songs they composed, visual art, poetry and short stories. Here are some examples of the projects. (The students gave permission to use their names).

Narcolepsy Dance
Narcolepsy Dance

Narcolepsy Dance

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Yvonne Ye choreographed and executed a dance depicting narcolepsy. The poem that inspired the dance was written by Emily Ge. .


Elizabeth Zordani created artwork depicting the causes of insomnia

Sleep Treasures at the Beinecke

Leland Stange curated a collection of sleep related treasures in the Beinecke Library

1st Edition of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream